One of the important procedures in the company is customer satisfaction procedure where customer satisfaction is sure to be an important factor in the success of a business. In Customer Satisfaction procedure should set out a policy that explains that the company will continue to increase customer satisfaction through goods and services.

The purpose of Customer Satisfaction Procedure is to identify the steps for obtaining information regarding customers’ perception as to whether the company’s products and services are meeting their stated and unstated requirements.

This procedure should apply to customer service.
Customer Service is responsible for interfacing with the customer after the sale and for monitoring and relating information pertaining to how customers perceive the company’s ability to satisfy their requirements.
The Senior onside Manager is responsible for ensuring that the site’s products and/or services meet or exceeds customer requirements.

Customer Satisfaction – General

• Customer Services should contact customers after the sale to determine their satisfaction with the company’s products and/or services.
• The Company shall use information gathered by Customer Service to make improvements in its products, services, internal operations, and other aspects of business.
• Customer Service shall periodically review and summarize customer feedback, to help the company determine if it is making progress with regard to user satisfaction levels and to identify trends. Customer Service shall report on customer feedback at Management Review Meetings.

Post – Sale Follow – Up

Customer Service shall contact new customers by phone between five and ten (5-10) business days after their initial order has been shipped.
• An AS1190-1 – Post – Sale Satisfaction Report should be completed with customer’s order information before the Customer Service representative, or CSR, places the call.
• The CSR should introduce her/himself as a company representative and state the purpose of the call (e.g., following up shipment of the company’s goods, ensuring that they were received promptly and in satisfactory condition).
• The outline of the script provided on the AS1190-1 should be followed, for the most part. However, the CSR should feel free to speak in a conversational style, substituting words or phrases, as necessary, to put the customer at ease and establish rapport.
• The length and format of the call should be determined by the customer’s needs and /or desires, which the CSR should respond accordingly.
• The CSR should get the name of the department that will be using the company’s product, as well as a contact name.
• If the customer expresses dissatisfaction – for any reason – the CSR should, if possible, take the necessary action to resolve the matter.

Upon completing the call, the CSR should finish filling out the AS1190-1 – Post – Sale Satisfaction Report. The CSR shall file the original AS1190-1 report in the customer file or database.

If the CSR encounters any unusual or informative item, request, or comment from the customer, he should copy the AS1190-1 to any affected or interested party (e.g., Sales, Engineering, Quality Assurance).

Customer Service shall maintain a Customer Service Log (See AS1190-3 – Customer Service Log for Guidance), recording pertinent information on all customer contacts after the sale. This log shall be reviewed and analyzed and results of analyses reported to Top Management on a periodic basis (see section 1.3, preceding page).

Customer Satisfaction Survey

• On a monthly basis, Customer Service should print a sales order report, listing sales orders completed between 90 and 120 days ago. An AS1190-2 – Customer Satisfaction Survey and business reply envelope, addressed to the Company’s Quality Assurance Department, should be prepared and addressed for each customer listed on the sales order report. (If a contact person is not listed, the survey should be sent to the person in charge of the customer’s department that purchased the product.)

Waiting 90 days after the sale should allow the customer sufficient time to use the equipment, experience any problems, and determine their level of satisfaction with the product’s performance, quality and suitability.

• When a customer returns an AS1190-2, the Mail Department should promptly route the form to Quality Assurance for review. QA shall retain a copy of the AS1190-2 in a master file for statistical analysis and review and forward the original survey to Customer Service for any immediate action required.

• If corrective action is required or if the customer raises concerns about the product/service, Customer Service shall contact the customer by e-mail and/or phone to resolve the situation, including following standard customer complaint handling procedures, where applicable.

• The completed AS1190-2 shall be filled in the customer file and/or logged in the customer database. A copy of the form may be routed to department managers for review (e.g., to determine if improvements to products or operational or design areas are required.)

Effectiveness Criteria :

Return rate of customer satisfaction survey

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